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F.A.Q. Section
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What is a good psychic reading?
A good psychic reading is about personal development. It will give you insight into concerns or issues you are dealing with in the pressent, as well as offering in insight into present, as well as future events.

What is the purpose for getting a reading?
The purpose an individual would get a reading:

1. To get insight into personal life concerns.
2. Profiling a new relationship or working environment.
3. Insight into business ventures, marketing and branding issues, product quality.
4. Profiling jury or person or employee, intuitive investigation.
5. Grieving for a loss love one or friend.
6. Family concerns, and all matters of the heart.

What happens in the process of getting a reading?
A reading can be done on the phone or in person. Thoughts and actions have energy, so the reader feels this delicate vibration, in your voice, of your thoughts, and subtle the energy of the body. It is better to get to the point, because it saves vauable time in getting to the point you want to cover in the reading.

What if I do not like my reading?
Please stop the reading with 5 minutes and inform the reader. We offer %100 customer satisfaction. All readings are recorded for training and purchase.

Are your psychics always right about what they see?
A psychic sees the accummalution of your thougths, choices, and actions. When you sit with a reader they tell you what they see and feel based upon what you are creating in your life at the time. You are the creator of your life, and you can change what we see. To know how good we are, please read our testimontials.

What is Life Coaching?
Coaching empowers the client with perceptiveness that emboldens self –awareness, while encouraging success.

What is the value of Life Coaching?
Self awareness is important because it helps the client be more aware and empower them in their choices in every aspect of their life. They are able to relate better with others even in difficult situations. It creates responsibility and the ability to a succeed in career, business and interpersonal relationships.

What is the value of life coaching in the business life?
For a business the value is a increase in income, productivity it is the most important measure tool to creating value. Coach helps in a fostering an atmosphere of personal and professional development increases company worth or branding, and enhances performance.

What is the value of life coaching in personal life?
The value of personal life coaching is measured by the level of the client self awareness, and how they dealing with decision making on a daily basis. The are empowered to in every aspect of their life

What is your refund policy?
While offering our clients 100% customer satisfaction, we also want to protect our advisers from abuse. If you are not satisfied with the adviser, stop the reading immediately, and contact us for your 100% refund. The adviser is not authorized to refund readings. All concerns should be addressed through ourcorporate office. All reading are recorded for training and purchase. Please call or email us.